Create a Social Media Content Plan for your Small Business

This online course will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a social media content plan for your small business.
Getting Started
A quick hello from me and I talk you through why having a social media strategy is so important for any business.
Video 1 - Introduction.mp4
4 mins
Setting S.M.A.R.T Social Media Goals
A look at how to set SMART social media goals for your small business.

Social Mums Worksheet 1 - Goals.pdf
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Video 2 - Setting SMART Social Media Goals.mp4
11 mins
Creating User Personas
It's really important to truly understand who your ideal customer is, in this section of the online course we'll help you get to know them better.
Social Mums Worksheet 2 - User Persona.pdf
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Video 3 - Creating User Personas.mp4
5 mins
Example User Persona.pdf
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Competitor Analaysis
We've all got competitors, some healthy competition is good for us all! But are you keeping an eye on what they're doing on social media?
Social Mums Worksheet 3 - Competitor Analysis.pdf
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Video 4 - Competitor Analysis.mp4
5 mins
Refining your Tone of Voice
We’re going to look at refining your business tone of voice on social media and we’ve got a quick exercise for you to do.
Social Mums Worksheet 4 - Tone of Voice.pdf
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Video 5 - Refine your Tone of Voice.mp4
3 mins
Your Content Pillars
The next exercise we’re going to do is really useful when thinking about the different subjects to post about on social media.

It’s also a good way to really get to know your business and think about what interests your audience. 
Social Mums Worksheet 5 - Your Business Pie Chart
67 KB
Video 6 - Get to know your business.mp4
3 mins
Creating your content plan
In this section you'll use everything you've worked on so far to create a content plan for your small business.
Video 7 - Curated Content.mp4
6 mins
Social Mums Worksheet 6 - Your Top 3 Posts.pdf
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Video 8 - Your Top Posts.mp4
5 mins
Video 9 - Tips on creating content.mp4
8 mins
Social Mums Worksheet 7 - Platform Content Plan.pdf
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Social Mums Worksheet 8 - Weekly Content Plan.pdf
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Video 10 - Your Social Media Content Plan.mp4
13 mins
Social Mums Worksheet 9 - Measure your Success.pdf
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